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What Should I Ask House Cleaning Services?

Unfortunately, we are not all rich enough to be able to afford to hire someone else to clean our house. While these businesses are booming, most people are still opting to clean their house themselves. But, if you are considering hiring a house cleaning service, below are some of the questions you should make sure to ask before you commit to one.

How are your rates decided?

It is important to nail down how the rates are determined. Do they charge by the hour? By the project? Knowing the answers to these questions will help you budget and determine how much you will be spending with a given company.

Most companies I have come across charge by the hour, and you can set a cap on the number of hours they are allowed to clean. But, make sure to ask if you can cap the hours or not, not every place will let you. I tend to prefer having the option to cap, so that you know the employees are working hard and that you are getting your money’s worth.

Are you insured and bonded?

You should never work with a company that is not fully insured and bonded. An insured company will have liability insurance, making them responsible for any broken items.

If you choose to work with a company that is not fully insured and bonded, you are liable for any broken items. I consider it way too risky and advise against it all together.

Have your employees passed a background check?

A lot of people would be apprehensive about letting strangers into their house, and rightfully so. You want to make sure whoever you’re letting into your house has the right intentions, and it’s not just some random person with no experience that the company hired.

By asking if they do a background check on their employees, you will have a better idea of their vetting process and will have one less thing to worry about. Instead of being wary, you can just go about your day, knowing your house is being cleaned by professionals.

Do you bring all the equipment and supplies?

Pretty much every cleaning company I have come across provides their own cleaning equipment and supplies, like sponges, mops, cleaners, etc. However, some of them do ask that you provide them with certain stuff.

My advice is that if they are asking you to provide a lot of stuff, they should charge less than other companies. If you are paying the same for two different companies, one with all of their own stuff, and one that asks you to supply the equipment, it is pretty obvious which one is the better choice.

What if I’m not happy with your service?

This is super important to ask. A lot of companies have a satisfaction guarantee, or some type of money back clause. It’s important to know what type of option are available if you don’t like their work. This lowers your risk and ensures that you will receive great service, or be otherwise compensated.

If, after looking around, you cannot find a company that suits your needs, you’ll have to clean your own house. Cleaning your house isn’t

all that bad though. You’ll save money, and you won’t have strangers in your house. And good news, cleaning isn’t as hard as it once was. Now, there are tools for everything and little tricks to make cleaning go by quickly. One site that’s there to help you is Mr Cleaning will eliminate the need for any cleaning service, by giving you tips and tutorials on how to clean up various everyday messes. They also provide you with buying guides and several product reviews, which have come in handy for me multiple times.

Before finding Mr. Cleaning, I was wasting a ton of money each month on a cleaning service. While I was using the cleaning service, nothing went wrong, but it just got way too expensive. But, since quitting, I have been able to save a ton of money, and put that money into a nice little savings account, all thanks to Mr. Cleaning.

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Grooming Adepts Reviews Health 

The Ultimate Male Hair Solutions Discovered on Grooming Adepts

After traversing through what Google search results had in store, it was clear that the male world grooming needed attention since none of the sites gave a better insight. I was looking for a reliable source of information that specialized on the man’s world of grooming when it comes to hair loss and how to go about the regrowth process. I wanted a source that was male-centered and had amicable solutions to what a man should do to restore the glory on his head. Then Grooming Adepts appeared from one of the clicked links.

Man’s world well attended to

From what I saw, I think every man should visit the Adepts and see how well the male hair world can be attended to when hair loss starts to make the scalp less cloudy. There are many proven and unproven solutions to what the natural world has to offer. On the other hand, Grooming Adepts gives detailed information about how various plants extracts have come to awaken the sleeping hair follicles.

After reading through some of the blogs to find out on what recommendations that I can advise other men to follow, the below information is a summary of the findings. They are plant extracts used as part of the composition of various products that have proved beneficial to regrowth of human hair.

Pumpkin seed oil

There are numerous nutrients that the pumpkin seed has to offer, and most of us can relate the benefits to improving urinary health. On the hair side, prevention of thin hair and dormant follicles is solved by the oil’s ability to condition and sooth the scalp. It is after the preparation that green hair can regenerate since there is proper nourishment.

The power of pumpkin seed oil comes from the numerous vitamins and minerals in it. They play a vital role in making hair to regrow and become stronger henceforth. Vitamins C and E in the oil assist in nourishing the hair follicles and stimulate regrowth. The hair feeding mechanism is followed by iron which makes the shaft sturdy while vitamin B helps it to shine and be supple.

Coconut oil

Your hair will benefit from coconut oil whether you use it topically or internally. Both ways have proved beneficial to the hair and scalp so, whatever way you decide, full benefits will be realized after continued use. When used topically, the oil acts as a suitable moisturizer thereby preventing dry and thin hair which is vulnerable to breakage. The hydration effect makes the hair to be fuller since hair functions better when it retains hydration.

Coconut oil also reduces inflammation that causes hair loss by helping the follicles to heal. Consuming the oil will make you realize the same benefits especially when it comes to providing your body with fat. If you are on a diet or looking forward to shedding weight, don’t forgo the coconut since its fat gives room for healthier hair. Another one for this oil is that it will help in blocking DHT production which is a major blow to growing healthy hair.

Jojoba oil

A friend told me that it’s pronounced as ‘ho-ho-ba.’ Just like the above oils, jojoba helps in hydrating a dry scalp and follicles which have been an enemy to proper hair growth. But above making a better hair growth environment, it also helps the scalp from becoming too oily. A lot of oil deposits makes hair to become thinner and clump together making the scalp to become visible.

The unique part goes to the oil’s ability to get rid of fungus and bacterial infections from wounds. If you have a complication that brings forth to sores on your head, jojoba will calm down the situation and prevent loss of hair due to effects on the scar tissue.

Why I recommend Grooming Adepts

Apart from the oils discussions portrayed in the blogs, you will also find many products that use the above oils as part of the ingredients. If used as per the directions, you will realize full benefits of hair regrowth procedure and no more hair loss. If you are a male counterpart suffering from baldness among other hair loss related issues, just visit Grooming Adepts for more information on the oils. Get the insights of origin and side effects if any. It is a site that every man should have as their favorite bookmarks on their browser.

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Toronto waterproofing basement business General Thoughts 

Combatting Basement Condensation: What It Is and How to Remove

You know what condensation is, and you for sure know what a basement is – but do you know what basement condensation is and how it can affect the structural integrity of your home in Toronto? Whether you’re trying to remodel your basement, finish your basement, or find the best basement waterproofing service in Toronto, you’ll want to know the basics of basement condensation.

What’s the Difference Between a Leak and Condensation?

If you find that you’re having water problems, but have no signs of an obvious leak or water flow problems, and see that you have a serious dampness issue within your basement, your home may be suffering from basement condensation. You might not have a leak per se, but some form of moisture is getting through to your basement and softening the integrity. If you find that you’re having dampness issues during hot weather, your problem is most likely a basement condensation issue.

Okay, So What’s Basement Condensation?

In short, the more humid the air is, the more condensation in your basement you may find. The cooler the air, the less moisture is in the air. You may feel this yourself by the humidity levels. After learning this, you may see why your basement has issues with dampness when the weather isn’t to your liking, rather than dampness due to a leak. Have you ever seen the moisture on the grass due to the temperatures shifting from overnight to day time? While this is not humidity, this is another form of condensation – the same temperature methods on your grass are also used to promote basement condensation in your home. When warm meets cool, and this cools off the air around, you’ll see droplets of water in or around your basement on the walls or ceiling.

How to Test if You Have Basement Condensation Issues

In order to test whether or not your home has basement condensation issues (if you can’t see it outright), you’ll want to take a piece of plastic wrap and put it onto the area of the wall in your basement where you may have noticed dampness or water droplets at one point. Make sure this plastic piece is large enough to make sure you’re getting results – we’ll say anything that’s 9-inches by 9-inches or bigger. Tape around the edges of this plastic piece, sealing it, and then leave it for a few days. When you find that there is moisture between the plastic and the wall, there is a leak within your home; however, if you see that there is moisture on the outside of the plastic, and not between the plastic and the wall, this is a condensation problem.

Where Is This Coming From?

Now that you’ve tested for these issues, if you’ve found that you have condensation issues and not a leak, you’ll want to pinpoint why it’s happening – especially if there isn’t a lot of humidity in or around the home often. If you have a dryer with an energy saving switch, make sure this says “outdoors”. If this doesn’t take care of the problem, contact a professional that specializes in basement waterproofing. In short, you want to increase the air circulation to combat condensation.

The Final Verdict

It’s worth noting that basement condensation issues are far easier to fix than water leaking issues, even if they’re a smidgen harder to diagnose. Contacting Absolute DP will ensure that you’re going to receive a proper second look and diagnoses, while having options for eliminating condensation issues.

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General Thoughts 

Worst Product Ever- Hoover Fold Away Vacuum Cleaner Model U5163-940

For the worst product ever… I nominate my vacuum cleaner, Hoover Fold Away Model U5163-940.

Now my Hoover Fold Away Model U5163-940 vacuum cleaner and I didn’t start out with this strained relationship. Obviously, I chose to invite the thing into my home.

With most products, you try to avoid the one that sucks. That’s not the case with a vacuum cleaner. I want the suckiest vacuum cleaner on the market. I want it to set its sucky little sights on the dust bunnies around the corner, the invisible sand ground in to the depths of my carpet fibers, and those hundreds of miniscule scraps of paper left over from a mystery craft project (you know, the one no one in the house had anything to do with). When I propel my vacuum cleaner over popcorn seeds and rice grains, I do not want to find those same popcorn seeds and rice grains sneering up at me from the carpet after the vacuum cleaner has passed. Whoosh! I want those nasty little annoyances removed from my life. That’s why I bought this vacuum cleaner. I would even risk the potential loss of a few of my daughters’ precious Polly Pocket outfits or plastic beads in my quest for a vacuum that seriously sucks!

My former vacuum sucked royally. Unfortunately, it sucked some hard foreign object right into its motor and expired. So began my quest for a vacuum cleaner that sucks but not one that sucks directly into the motor. What I ended up with was my Hoover Fold-Away Model U5163-940.

So what features convinced me to buy the Hoover Fold Away Model U5163-940 vacuum cleaner?


The Hoover Fold Away Model U5163-940 vacuum cleaner has 12 amps of sucking power and an alleged cleaning performance rating of 20.0. Ah, power. But, from day one, this power was a joke. The Hoover Fold Away Model U5163-940 vacuum cleaner vacuumed okay, but not great. Deep down dirt stayed in place unless I vacuumed over it multiple times and with great force. It’s tiring to vacuum that way. Without using a special attachment for the Hoover Fold Away Model U5163-940 vacuum cleaner, it doesn’t clean corners or edges. About those Hoover Fold Away Model U5163-940 vacuum cleaner attachments, keep reading…

Detachable Hose

The Hoover Fold Away Model U5163-940 vacuum cleaner comes with a detachable hose that lifts out of the base and fits a variety of cleaning tools. The hose is supposed to stay put, unless you’re using vacuum attachments. Nifty concept. Bad design. The Hoover Fold Away Model U5163-940 vacuum cleaner hose clicks into place down near the front of the vacuum. For normal use the dirt is sucked into a hole in the vacuum cleaner bottom and goes through the hose into the canister. When you need to use an attachment for the Hoover Fold Away Model U5163-940 vacuum cleaner, you twist the hose off its base, hook up your attachment, and the attachment has all the suction power.

Ha! At least that’s what the Hoover folks claim. The reality is that the Hoover Fold Away Model U5163-940 vacuum cleaner hose slides out of place repeatedly during vacuuming, diverting the suction away from the vacuum bottom and into the hose dangling several inches above the floor, where it accomplishes nothing. The Hoover Fold Away Model U5163-940 vacuum cleaner hose requires five or six reconnections during a single course of vacuuming. This aggravation has caused my vocabulary to deteriorate – #(!@*(*@^ amp;!^)(_$U$(@!.

Self-Storing Cleaning Tools

The Hoover Fold Away Model U5163-940 vacuum cleaner has plastic clips on its back to hold the cleaning tools. Always there, always convenient, the theory goes. “Where the heck are those cleaning tools?” They drop like flies when someone vacuums, ad nauseum, until the vacuum user throws them out the window in frustration… or puts them away somewhere and forgets where…. or stomps off in disgust, leaving them in the out of reach location they happened to fall in. How many times, I need those Hoover Fold Away Model U5163-940 vacuum cleaner tools and wonder where they’ve run off to. If I didn’t know any better, I’d think they were capable of self-propulsion. But I know from the way this vacuum works that our friendly engineers at Hoover aren’t capable of designing anything so sophisticated.

The curse words are getting louder. We’re not finished yet. But before getting to the remaining design flaws, I need to say something good about the Hoover Fold Away Model U5163-940 vacuum cleaner.


The Hoover Fold Away Model U5163-940 vacuum cleaner is a relatively lightweight vacuum cleaner and I have remained pleased with that. Unlike so much of the rest of the United States population, my vacuum cleaner has managed to avoid weight gain during the years of our acquaintance. When I have to move it from place to place or lift it to clean stairs, I am grateful for its trim figure.

Stair Handle

This Hoover Fold Away Model U5163-940 vacuum cleaner has a stair handle to help lift it when vacuuming stairs. It works. And the vacuum is light enough, I can actually do this okay. The problem is that I can’t vacuum the back or side edges of the stairs without an attachment. Assuming I can find the damned attachment, picture this. I am holding the vacuum cleaner with two hands, one holding the weight of the machine and the other guiding it with the stair handle. Just where is this third hand that is needed to manipulate the hose with the attachment on it? Did the maker of this confound contraption design it for an octopus?


The Hoover Fold Away Model U5163-940 vacuum cleaner is a bagless vacuum. Bagless is a mixed bag. It is convenient not having to buy bags. And it’s cost effective not having to buy them. But it’s also extremely messy. When you dump out the canister, a fine particulate wafts up into the air, and all over the person doing the dumping, then settles onto the floor around the waste basket. Somewhat messier than detaching a bag and being hit with a bit of backflow. But most aggravating of all is that some of the vacuumed refuse inevitably clumps together and clings to the screen at the bottom of the canister, making it necessary to reach in and dig it out. Not a pleasant job.

I still love the idea of a bagless and would likely buy another, only I would hope to find one whose design minimized the mess. The Hoover Fold Away Model U5163-940 vacuum cleaner bagless canister design does not do the trick.

Foldover Handle for Storage

The Hoover Fold Away Model U5163-940 vacuum cleaner has a foldover handle for easy storage. Yup good feature. No complaints. It is as convenient as it sounds- the Hoover Fold Away Model U5163-940 vacuum cleaner scrunches into half the space it would otherwise need.

Amusingly enough, I was most suspicious of this feature when buying the Hoover Fold Away Model U5163-940 vacuum cleaner. Figured with all the folding up and down it would be prone to breakage. But this feature is about the only thing not wrong with this vacuum cleaner after a couple years of owning it.

Allergen Filter and Regular Filter

The Hoover Fold Away Model U5163-940 vacuum cleaner has two filters, a regular filter and a special allergen attracting filter.

I suspect that the Hoover Fold Away Model U5163-940 vacuum cleaner allergen filter is a publicity ploy. Hardly anything ever collects on it. In a house with 2 adults, 3 kids, a cat, a guinea pig, the occasional bunny, two turtles, 6 fish, and a forced air heating and cooling system spewing particles throughout the house, this filter can’t locate an allergen? Gee that’s odd, because when the kids’ friends with allergies come over, they start sniffling right away.

The regular filter for the Hoover Fold Away Model U5163-940 vacuum cleaner is the real disaster, though. It’s a paper accordion filter on an oval plastic frame which is so amazingly consumer friendly that you can’t buy replacements in stores. Got that? It is not sold in any retail store I can find, not even vacuum cleaner stores. Nope, gotta write to the manufacturer and have it mailed. Now I guess if you are some sort of uber organizer who calculates the life of your vacuum cleaner filter and buys extras months in advance, this may not bother you as much as it bothers me. I worry about changing my vacuum cleaner filter exactly when it stops working because gunk is stuck all over it like a blooming fungus. And at that point in time, I ‘m in no mood to dig through volumes of paper to find out where the manufacturer has his hideaway so I can write to that cretin for a new filter. What am I supposed to do- leave the floor half vacuumed for a week ’til my new filter arrives? This is beyond my tolerance. Not consumer friendly? Consumer hostile is more like it.

Overall Performance Features

And still I am not done. No the Hoover Fold Away Model U5163-940 vacuum cleaner has another very unique feature. Constipation. You read that right. I am not sure what the cause is, but this vacuum cleaner gets clogged more than any I have ever owned. I’ll forgive it the pine needles at Christmas time, but hey, this thing clogs year round.

The Hoover Fold Away Model U5163-940 vacuum cleaner has the ultimate case of vacuum cleaner snobbery. It “doesn’t do” popcorn. Unfortunately, my kids do do popcorn and lots of it. The vacuum cleaner “doesn’t do” paper scraps. My kids do lots of those too. The vacuum cleaner doesn’t even like raisins. Now what is wrong with that vacuum cleaner anyway?

Maybe the problem here is me. You see, I don’t respect my Hoover Fold Away Model U5163-940 vacuum cleaner’s preferences. I expect my Hoover Fold Away Model U5163-940 vacuum cleaner to vacuum up everything that doesn’t belong the floor. And so, despite its aversion to popcorn and paper and raisins and numerous other unwanted floor coverings, I drag that vacuum over those things. And it responds with a vengeance. Constipation sets in so badly that (1) any further use of the vacuum is counterproductive. It stops sucking and just pushes floor refuse back and forth; and (2) the vacuum needs to be unclogged by hand. This requires unscrewing the hose from the back of the vacuum cleaner- how well I know just where those five screws are- taking the hose off, shaking it out and usually pulling wads of whatever out of it, then screwing it back in place.

Now if this happened once a year, say with those pine needles from the Christmas tree, my Hoover Fold Away Model U5163-940 vacuum cleaner and I- well we could be friends. But no this uppity little machine clogs itself at least once a week. In fact there seems to be a direct correlation between my level of need in getting the place vacuumed and that blasted machine’s constipation. Among the things I don’t care to deal with in life, constipated vacuum cleaners top the list.


Did I mention that the plastic plate on the bottom of the Hoover Fold Away Model U5163-940 vacuum cleaner with the wheels attached drops off at random? Yeah, that too.

The undesirable features of this vacuum are legion; the positive traits few. And the positives don’t get the floor cleaned.

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