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What Should I Ask House Cleaning Services?

Unfortunately, we are not all rich enough to be able to afford to hire someone else to clean our house. While these businesses are booming, most people are still opting to clean their house themselves. But, if you are considering hiring a house cleaning service, below are some of the questions you should make sure to ask before you commit to one.

How are your rates decided?

It is important to nail down how the rates are determined. Do they charge by the hour? By the project? Knowing the answers to these questions will help you budget and determine how much you will be spending with a given company.

Most companies I have come across charge by the hour, and you can set a cap on the number of hours they are allowed to clean. But, make sure to ask if you can cap the hours or not, not every place will let you. I tend to prefer having the option to cap, so that you know the employees are working hard and that you are getting your money’s worth.

Are you insured and bonded?

You should never work with a company that is not fully insured and bonded. An insured company will have liability insurance, making them responsible for any broken items.

If you choose to work with a company that is not fully insured and bonded, you are liable for any broken items. I consider it way too risky and advise against it all together.

Have your employees passed a background check?

A lot of people would be apprehensive about letting strangers into their house, and rightfully so. You want to make sure whoever you’re letting into your house has the right intentions, and it’s not just some random person with no experience that the company hired.

By asking if they do a background check on their employees, you will have a better idea of their vetting process and will have one less thing to worry about. Instead of being wary, you can just go about your day, knowing your house is being cleaned by professionals.

Do you bring all the equipment and supplies?

Pretty much every cleaning company I have come across provides their own cleaning equipment and supplies, like sponges, mops, cleaners, etc. However, some of them do ask that you provide them with certain stuff.

My advice is that if they are asking you to provide a lot of stuff, they should charge less than other companies. If you are paying the same for two different companies, one with all of their own stuff, and one that asks you to supply the equipment, it is pretty obvious which one is the better choice.

What if I’m not happy with your service?

This is super important to ask. A lot of companies have a satisfaction guarantee, or some type of money back clause. It’s important to know what type of option are available if you don’t like their work. This lowers your risk and ensures that you will receive great service, or be otherwise compensated.

If, after looking around, you cannot find a company that suits your needs, you’ll have to clean your own house. Cleaning your house isn’t

all that bad though. You’ll save money, and you won’t have strangers in your house. And good news, cleaning isn’t as hard as it once was. Now, there are tools for everything and little tricks to make cleaning go by quickly. One site that’s there to help you is Mr Cleaning will eliminate the need for any cleaning service, by giving you tips and tutorials on how to clean up various everyday messes. They also provide you with buying guides and several product reviews, which have come in handy for me multiple times.

Before finding Mr. Cleaning, I was wasting a ton of money each month on a cleaning service. While I was using the cleaning service, nothing went wrong, but it just got way too expensive. But, since quitting, I have been able to save a ton of money, and put that money into a nice little savings account, all thanks to Mr. Cleaning.

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